Weitblick II Hubland

Urban Planning, Architecture, Residential Buildings, Urban Planning,
  • Planning time: 2021
  • Gross Floor Area: 17,000 m2
  • Residential, 1st prize
  • Building contractor: Strenger Holding GmbH

Weitblick II, town houses above the city
1st prize bidding procedure Würzburg Hubland

The former airfield in the Würzburg district of Hubland is to be further developed into a green residential area in the framework of urban development measures. On the basis of the existing zoning plan, planquadrat together with Strenger is constructing the residential area at the northern border of the district that, due to its exposed elevation, forms part of the cityscape of Würzburg.

A closed design with terraced houses as sound absorption for the entire district is planned for the airfield. They are divided through vertical separations and a structural break in order to create several building groups. This forms a small-format development appropriate for the surroundings, that meets the needs of the special location with its neat and high-quality design.

The entrances to the terraced houses are located on the north-east side and can be accessed on foot thanks to a total of four entrances. Trees have been planted at all the accesses in order to enhance the prime address status and to further divide the airfield. In addition, space will be created here for joint use and gatherings.

Due to its very chequered topography a spacious front balcony is planned in the western area. This includes the necessary parking spaces, whilst the front balcony serves as a central meeting area and offers a view overlooking the landscape. This space can be used by the residents for barbecuing as well as by gardeners.

In total there are three different types of houses planned as high-quality town houses in order to be able to make an offer for the various needs and for the residents, supplemented by a mini house above the entrance. They differ in their layout and façade design, thus enabling an overall harmonious urban image to be created.


Project Management: Julia Goldschmidt
Team: Lisa Silvestri, Selamet Yahac, Aylin Güllüoglu, Andrea Hanak, Mojdeh Nezafat-Anari, Alina Schick, Alina Wichlei