Am Vogelsang

Urban Planning, Architecture, Residential Buildings, Urban Planning, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2016
  • Gross Floor Area: 41,526 m2
  • Wohnungsbau,
  • Building contractor: VEBOWAG - Vereinigte Bonner Wohnungsbau AG


The urban goal of the new residential district "Am Vogelsang“ is on the one hand linking it to the newly built west.side district with its urban character and on the other hand mediating between both districts. Linking the districts through spacious footpaths and cycle tracks hereby plays an important role.  

The northern part of the planning area connects with the proportionality of the urban structures from the west.side district. Through this a structurally appropriate transition from the urban working and residential district to the new green urban district "Am Vogelsang" is enabled. From north to south the structures become brighter; this transition becomes particularly perceptible through the "green backbone" running through the middle, that creates a pleasant censorship between the structures, whilst at the same time intertwining them. Three public places with different characteristics support the independent character of the area. 

Due to the formative development of freestanding point houses and front buildings along the "green backbone", the district acquires its own unique character. In addition the design of the individual structures mediates between urban space and housing estate structure. 

The aim of the open space concept is to integrate the new urban district "Am Vogelsang" in its heterogeneous surroundings and to create new open space qualities. The green backbone creates space for movement, contemplation, communication, thus forming offers for a functioning social interaction as well as an ecologically and artistically attractive living environment development with a high quality of occupancy.  


Project Management: Holger Grobe
Team: Oliver Walkiewicz, Vicky Metzen