Europaviertel Frankfurt

Architecture, Residential Buildings,
Frankfurt am Main
  • Phases: 1 - 5
  • Planning time: 2012 - 2016
  • Gross Floor Area: 27,381 m2
  • Gross Volume: 87,738 m3
  • Building contractor: Bouwfonds Immobilienentwicklung GmbH

In the residential district Europaviertel around 25 city houses over a total area (5 construction fields) will be built after an urban realisation study. Spacious penthouses with an area of up to 220 m² and the building style recalling classic architecture of the "Gründerzeit" lend the ensemble an exclusive character. The houses lie embedded between Europagarten and Pocket-Park and here form a wonderful, harmonious edge to the park. Green is written in big letters here. A 1,200 m² large, romantic green area is designed here respectively between four houses. The residential housing is designed in the form of 6-storey apartment buildings each with developed penthouse and basement. Art nouveau and modern architecture elements combine here also to make a very special image. The houses from one construction field are connected with each other through an underground car park. Spacious staircases and barrier-free elevators connect all floors including the underground car park.   

Project manager: Jörn Tillmanns, Markus Helfrich
Projekt leader: Philipp Rasche
Team: Anke Klauser, Dominik Schnabel, Gergana Kalinova, Laura Wehling, Mareike Müller, Silvia Voß-Stolte