Architecture, Residential Buildings,
Frankfurt am Main
  • Phases: 2 - 6
  • Planning time: 2012 - 2014
  • Gross Floor Area: 29,000 m2
  • Gross Volume: 93,500 m3
  • Building contractor: FRANK an der Kennedyallee GmbH


The former Mummsche Park on Kennedyallee in Frankfurt am Main is one of the preferred residential areas in Frankfurt am Main. On a subsection of this site, 9 detached buildings were built, designed by four different architectural offices. Along both roads four structures form a swinging back, whilst the detached buildings are freely positioned in the park. Planquadrat took on the coordination for the entire project, the building of the joint underground car park as well as the high-rise building for three residential buildings that form the entrance to the district. The two rows show vertically structured punctuated facades facing the road, while the sides facing the park are horizontally structured with spacious window surfaces and balconies. These largely opened facades enable a diverse range of views into the surrounding area and create a soft transition between park and interior. The 5.5 storey tower building takes up the system of the two rows: the side facing the sun and the park opens up with large window and balcony surfaces in the direction of the exterior, whilst the north side is designed as a punctuated facade. All three buildings are characterised by a dark main structure, giving it plasticity through a lighter and lower extension. The punctuated facades are given additional depth through the recurring use of folds. The apartments are are organised in the rows as three apartments, each with a large balcony. The tower building functions as two apartments with spacious apartments lit on three sides. All buildings offer penthouse apartments on the top floor with a free view into the Taunus mountains to to Frankfurt's town centre.

Project manager: Jörn Tillmanns
Project leader: Franciska Bösz
Team: Stefanie Reitmeier, Andre Trautmann