Robinson Club Steinplatte

Hotel and Commerce, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2007 - 2008
  • Hotels, 1st Prize

COMPETITION Hotel Robinson Club Alpinsport, 1ST PRIZE   

The hotel is situated directly on the planned extension of the ski piste and has a direct connection to the new piste and an après ski area. With its organic form comprising three moved towers over a connecting base, the new building fits in perfectly with the environment and also enables a high number of rooms with panoramic views. The existing base level is being extended linearly and used for wellness and theatre areas. It forms the basis for the new organically shaped upper floors. The entrance areas are located above the base level with reception, central bar and restaurant. Located above this in the middle tower are the business area and in the two external towers the hotel rooms. The suites are situated in the penthouse floors.

Project manager: Jörn Tillmanns
Team: Fritz Heinrichs, Katharina Rauh, Paul Hembus, Pia Schneider