High-Rise Buildings, Architecture, Conversion, Residential Buildings, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2014 - 2015
  • Gross Floor Area: 35,370 m2
  • Gross Volume: 25,200 m3
  • special constructions, Award

As a detached building the high-rise building on Baierbrunner Straße flags a "landmark"particularly succinct for Munich's cityscape and an orientation point in the south of the city. In its clarity and stringency, the building represents a timeless icon of its epoch. This significance of the building is to meet the needs of the listed facade through sensitive handling. The original character of the building is preserved in its essential features. Through partial public use and a new design of the upper building closure, the high-rise building on Baierbrunner Straße will lodge itself even more in the consciousness of Munich's population in future.    

Project Manager: Holger Grobe Team: Dominik Schnabel, Philipp Kunkel, Asmir Arifovic