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Architecture, Conversion, Residential Buildings,
Frankfurt am Main
  • Phases: 1 - 4
  • Planning time: 2015 - 2018
  • Building contractor: Iber Immobilien

Centrally located in the Frankfurt district of Sachsenhausen, a partly empty office and residential high-rise building from 1991 will be converted into a high-quality mixed-use building with 222 residential units and commercial use on the ground floor and fundamentally upgraded. The upper floors of the existing building are to be largely gutted whilst preserving the supporting reinforced skeleton structure and converted into apartments. The lower floors will be redeveloped and along with the existing retail and service areas are to accommodate a guest house with 23 rooms and a daycare facility for children with 5 groups. The existing three-storey underground car park is being structurally redeveloped and technically strengthened. The computer centre on the 1st floor will also be preserved.

The facades facing the street of the enclosed existing building will be divided up optically through various materialities/surfaces, balconies and sizes of the window openings into four individual building parts, that support the effect of a growing urban structure. Due to noise emissions of the brewery located opposite, sound insulation balconies are planned in a section of the facade facing the street, that reduce the forecasted noise level of the openable windows to the necessary extent by means of impact panes made of glass. Whereas the side facing away from the main street, that is largely geared towards residential buildings, will be divided up on a smaller scale with architecturally differentiated units. Spacious roof gardens and balconies as well as large window spaces offer an excellent view of Frankfurt’s skyline.

In the framework of the redevelopment, the technical building services will be modernised. In so doing the high energetic standards will be achieved in terms of EnEV (German Energy Saving Ordinance). Largely renewable energy sources (wooden pellets) will be used for this. The building envelop will be renewed and optimised against loss of heat. The apartments are to be equipped with decentralised ventilation with heat recovery and all roof surfaces are to be extensively landscaped.


Visualizations: Raybounce

Project Management: Jan Nagel, Markus Gruber
Project Leadership: Tiago Souza
Team: Julia Eggert, Steffi Reitmaier, Tanja Büscher, Nina litvinova, Ben Schirmer, Heidi Weimar