Architecture, Residential Buildings, Competitions,
Frankfurt am Main
  • Phases: 1 - 4
  • Planning time: 2021
  • Gross Floor Area: 28,629 m2
  • Residential Buildings, 1st prize
  • Building contractor: Nassauische Heimstätte, Instone Real Estate

New residential quarter Schönhof District, Frankfurt 1st prize in a multi-phase project for the plots A3 and H1


The new Schönhof district is located between the Frankfurt districts of Rödelheim and Bockenheim, thus representing an important function as a connecting element. Situated in the centre of the district and divided by the central park, both blocks planned by planquadrat conclude the western development section. In the northern block they comprise a mixture of 147 spacious, privately financed apartments, whilst in the southern block there are 135 largely socially subsidised apartments. The selected cubatures follow guidelines of the zoning plan, that stipulates a 14-metre deep block perimeter development that opens up through rows in the north towards the park. The left detached rows widen out in width to form a head in order to enable an expansion towards the park. The southern block is completely closed towards the south by a 6-storey construction in order to keep sound emissions from the railway away from the green inner courtyard.

The greening of the inner courtyards is characterised by organic shapes, thus distancing itself from the stringent, orthogonal architecture. Consequently, the open space design of the park is harmoniously continued into the inner courtyards. Outside safety staircases with emergency exit balconies also make it possible for the fire service to access the inner courtyards.

The new buildings follow the idea of giving the impressions of urban diversity through varying heights and differentiated facade designs. Although the various houses have the same grid spacing as a basis and the same window formats are used, each house portrays its own character without disturbing the overall harmony.

Along with a diverse supply of housing, the new building project on the ground floor of the eastern block and opposite the newly planned school comprises a daycare facility for children with five groups. It stands out from the other facades with its spacious windows with wooden frames and warm materials, thus guaranteeing eye-catching appeal. The open spaces are located in the inner courtyard and are clearly separated from the private open spaces belonging to the apartments.


Project Management: Holger Grobe
Project Leader: Alina Schick
Team: Aylin Güllüoglu, Nicolas Vazquez, Saskia Ruder, Alina Wichlei