Urban Planning, Architecture, Residential Buildings,
  • Building contractor: Lechner Group GmbH

In close cooperation with the city of Hofheim and commissioned by the Lechner Group, planquadrat has developed a new construction concept for the total of 1.7-hectare site of the former commercial complex “Weststadt Center“ that dates back to the 1970s and that was characterised by a high vacancy rate and need for renovation. It is the basis for a new urban land-use planning that is necessary to restructure the area.

The objective of the plans is to secure and improve the function as a supply centre, whilst at the same time rectifying the urban drawbacks in the long term and creating a green, central district.

The new loosely arranged building structure largely boasts four storeys with a penthouse level and fits harmoniously and suitably into the surroundings through separating the building structures. The link to the bordering districts will be strengthened through visual axes and pathways. All open spaces will be filled with plants and bushes and the roof spaces will likewise be greened, allowing space for playgrounds, urban gardening and the like.

The plans envisage a bundling of commercial uses on the ground floor, whereby the existing markets at the location will remain. The usages that already exist for health purposes are to be combined in a new medical building. Apartments are planned on the upper floors so that the residential part can be correspondingly essentially enhanced to meet the growing need.

The plans will be realised in two building phases taking into account the existing rental and usage situation


Project Management: Julia Goldschmidt
Projekt Leader: Oliver Walkiewicz
Team: Johannes Treibert, Florian Elfers, Mojdeh Nezafat Anari