SmartCity Springpark Valley

Architecture, Office, Residential Buildings,
Bad Vilbel
  • Building contractor: CESA Spring Park GmbH

The master plan for the project "SmartCity Springpark Valley“ is an example of state-of-the-art urban planning. The design creates advanced working and living environments that do justice to the demands of temporal and local flexibility as well as the tendency of society towards a stronger blending of work, leisure time and living. The aim is to create an active and animated district on every day of the week and at every time of the day that sets new standards and promotes positive influences on work results. In order to do justice to this symbiosis, a wide range of usages is essential. Facilities for research and development are supplemented with supply facilities, restaurants, fitness centres, hotels, serviced apartments, health companies and other small commercial businesses that enrich the diversity of the location.

The considered development ensures linking the district to the surroundings and provides for a clear separation of pedestrian and car traffic in order to favour walking on foot within the district. The car and truck connection will be diverted around the district. The cycle track goes through the east park. Autonomous shuttles are to connect the entire district. Parking spaces are in the multi-storey car park as well as in the underground car parks under the buildings.  

The high-rise concept provides for an organic architectural language of buildings with 4-7 full storeys that are staggered from the middle of the area to the neighbourhood. Two landmarks in the form of 13 to 15-storey buildings shape the identity and strengthen the recognition value for the entire area and for the whole of Bad Vilbel. The structures are opened partly in the ground floors so that thoroughfares are not only possible between the structures but also through the construction fields. Roof areas are to be green and used for leisure purposes.  

To increase the micro-climate, the well-being and the creation of a positive residential character, great importance is attached to the integration of water areas within the Spring Park. In combination with the  green facades they serve to optimise the air quality. Located along the various thoroughfares, they support the pathways within the area and invite residents to linger.

Project manager: Robert Müller, Martin Geskes, Jörg Krämer
Project leader: Hannes Fischer-Schadzik, Ralf Margraf, Steffen Baumgärtner
Team: Fritz Heinrichs, Martin Geyer, Tiago Souza, Dominik Schnabel