Fuhlsbüttler Strasse

Projects, Architecture, Office, Residential Buildings,
  • Phases: 1 - 5
  • Planning time: 2020
  • Building contractor: FRANK Beteiligungsgesellschaft GmbH

In the Hamburg district of Barmbek Nord, planquadrat developed the new company headquarters for Frank Siedlungsbaugesellschaft mbh & Co. KG, that realises an innovative and sustainable concept for future working and living cultures and strives to achieve a strong mixture of working, living and leisure time within the building. 

The B-plan, currently in the final stages of development, provides for a block perimeter development along Fuhlsbüttler Straße and at the same time promotes the development of the entire district with a spacious access. In the rear part the new building connects to the existing former women's hall of residence, thus enabling a common use of the newly recreated roof terraces areas.  

The new company headquarters accommodates various communicative and creative usages on the ground floor. A showroom as well as meeting rooms are connected to an open catering area with a diverse and healthy hospitality concept as well as possibilities to take part in event cooking. The first two upper storeys have been planned as open and flexible office spaces. Spacious flights of stairs lead to communicative market places all around the spacious air spaces that also enable exciting insights from the outside. The new working world is characterised among other things by individually developed working place furniture, supplemented through think tanks at the quiet inner courtyard facade. Flats and apartments with a walkway development and spacious, communally used roof surfaces are planned for the 3rd and 4th upper storeys.

The facade facing the street with its dark red brick surfaces fits in with the traditional architecture of the environment and in addition presents itself with spacious glass surfaces and plants integrated in the facade as an innovative new building. Glass surfaces are predominant towards the inner courtyard, as well as bright colours and delicate constructions for climbing plants.   

Supported by a research project from Hamburg University, planquadrat developed a sustainable climate concept for the new building that will act as a precedent for subsequent projects.  


Project Management: Franciska Bösz, Jasmin Winter
Team: Hazar Omar, Lev Nikitin