Merckplatz Darmstadt

Urban Planning, Urban Planning,
  • Planning time: 2007

The area under investigation is situated at an extremely attractive location, central in the city and relatively quiet. It is embedded in an attractive, functional quarter with a diverse range of green areas. The direct proximity to the city wall and thus to an identity forming location and the views of the city church and White Tower constitute the other quality features of the location. The reclassification and redesign of Merckplatz makes the creation of a prestigious city entrance possible. The green area Woog, already a guiding principle today of the urban development, has achieved its desired objective. Existing green areas are linked and can be experienced more intensively. The design enhancement of the old town area and the Rudolf-Mueller area could lead to increased use, acceptance and identification by the citizens. An attractive new building could make an important contribution to the structure and design of the quarter. A new continuous design of Lindenhofstraße in view of building lines, street profile, materials corresponds to their signifiance as a connecting path between Woog and market square and with this can contribute considerably towards the quality of the landscape axis. 

Project manager: Claudia Becker
Project leader: Holger Grobe
Team: Katharina Rauh, Matthias Wöber, Magdalena Kostka