Housing Development “Im Bachgange”

Architecture, Residential Buildings, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2022
  • Gross Floor Area: 4,284 m2
  • Realisation competition, 1st prize

The site marks the start of the development area “Im Bachgange“ and forms the landmark within the district. In the west meadow orchards with fruit trees worth preserving border the southern part of the development site, whilst located to the east is a special construction site with a supermarket. Corresponding to this special location this competition entry envisages three detached, high-quality tower blocks constructed on a parklike green area. Through a rotation on the site they form differentiated outdoor areas: this leads to a neighbourhood square facing the street that is enlivened by means of a commercial unit in the central building. On the garden side private open spaces are created between the buildings. Pedestrian paths connect the lively neighbourhood square with the quiet orchards. The houses with their elegant brick facades and vertical window hinges achieve a high recognition value along the street. Rendered facades are planned overlooking the quiet garden side. The tower blocks are planned in the efficiency class 55 or 40 Plus and comprise 46 residential units with a high proportion of reasonably priced apartments.


Project management: Holger Grobe
Team: Nina Rettig, Patrizia Kopel, Alina Wichlei