Stek Friedrichsdorf

Urban Planning, Urban Development,
  • Planning time: 2007 - 2008
  • Building contractor: Magistrat der Stadt Friedrichsdorf

In Friedrichsdorf an urban development concept is being developed with citizens, politicians and administrators, going by the name of 25+. It states concrete objectives and measures for the future urban development. The quality of the urban development concept is characterised by the cooperation between politicians, administrators and civilians. Transparency and constant information among all those involved enable the needs of civilians, political evaluations, ideas and questions to be considered. planquadrat will develop the following scope of work: conceptual design - moderation - PR work - realisation city kiosk - citizen involvement - workshops - public forums - Webseite:

Project leader: Claudia Becker
Team: Holger Grobe, Christine Pump, Fritz Heinrichs