Gräselberger Gärten

Urban Planning, Urban Planning, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2014 - 2015
  • Gross Floor Area: 27,562 m2
  • Achievment accompanying marketing, 3rd Prize
  • Building contractor: State Capital Wiesbaden

The City of Wiesbaden is planning to develop a new residential quarter with approx. 250 residential units close to the city, to the west of Gräselberg estate in Wiesbaden's district of Biebrich and held a competition in which planquadrat won the 3rd prize. In the meantime 90 % of the approx. 7.3 hectare competition area is urban property. The aim of the competition was to develop a high quality urban concept that extends and enhances the bordering estate, predominantly containing apartment buildings designed as terraced houses. Special attention should be paid to protect the new apartments from noise input from the nearby motorway. The urban guiding principle originates from the desire to find a harmonious link to the existing estate. Corresponding to this desire the planned terraced houses structures with optimum southern orientation are growing deep into the new quarter. Following the idea of a developed quarter the building lines are furnished with a superficial spring. In order to likewise encounter the detailed more village like context on the eastern edge of the plot, the terraced house structure begins to break up there into detached houses. The necessary noise protection development in the north was solved by the curved shape of the building. It comprises detached houses that are joined together by means of glazed balcony zones to make a striking urban structure. This helps achieve an appropriate proportionality and urban grit through the section formations. Particular attention was paid to upgrading the noise protection development as an open space element "Vertical Gardens“.

Project manager: Holger Grobe
Team: Philipp Kunkel, Maren Hoess, Christina Kölling