Rotationshalle Main-Echo

Architecture, Office, Industry,
  • Planning time: 1997 - 1998
  • Gross Floor Area: 5,270 m2
  • Gross Volume: 30,200 m3
  • Building contractor: Main-Echo Kirsch GmbH & Co.

Following the new building of the prestigious administration building in 1996, it was also considered important to give an architectural direction towards the busy Goldbacher Road and to continue the specified artistic qualities in the production buildings.
To be able to ensure a continuous appearance of the newspaper, a part of the printing hall and paper storage area needed to be interrupted and an extension needed to be added. This was realised in a short period of time with a concrete-steel construction with an external cover made of steel sheet cassettes and a facade made of aluminium corrugated iron. On the street side south facade a 130 square metre perforated steel plate offers protection against direct sunlight and draws attention to itself with the oversized lettering of the newspaper publishers.

Projectmanager: Martin Geskes, Herbert Elfers, Jörg Krämer