Degussa Wesseling

Architecture, Industry,
Wesseling am Rhein
  • Phases: 1 - 7
  • Planning time: 1999 - 2000
  • Gross Floor Area: 2,627 m2
  • Gross Volume: 10,619 m3
  • Building contractor: Degussa Hüls AG

In the case of the newly developed research laboratory and office building of Degussa Wesseling, a linked bridge serves as a solution to the connection between plant and new building. The new building comprises a plain rectangular cube, from which the laboratory rooms protrude as an essential part of the building. The laboratory area is emphasised by a pre-patinated green copper facade. Window strips with green coloured glass harmoniously complement the entire design statement. The facade behind this subordinates itself with its dark grey plaster and reduced facade openings so that the contrast enhances the plasticity of the facade between neutral grey and the pre-patinated copper.

Project leader: Martin Geskes
Team: Marion Mumhofer, Christiane Treiber, Ulrike Rothamel