Façade Competition “The Grid“ Kassel

Projects, Conversion, Competitions
  • Competition, 2nd prize
  • Building contractor: GWH Immobilien Holding GmbH

The offices of GWH Kassel are located in a high-rise office building dating back to the 1960s at the central Königsplatz. Currently the office building has no distinct entrance and the image it presents is of a monotonous, inconspicuous punctuated façade.

planquadrat is developing a lively, vertical façade image for the main structure of the building with a front-mounted, modular façade system that envelops the retained basic structure like a net. The façade module encompasses all necessary elements for technology, ventilation and fire protection, thus enabling them to be placed directly in front of the existing structure. The structure is bordered by a vertical frame that is highlighted with optical effects. Photovoltaic panels are planned on the largely closed south-west façade. A greened building bracket girds the existing front building and creates a distinct entrance.

Project Management: Holger Grobe
Project Leader: Alina Schick
Team: Nina Rettig