Park View Kätcheslachpark

Architecture, Residential Buildings, Competitions,
Frankfurt am Main
  • Planning time: 2014
  • Vermarktungsbegleitende Leistung, 3rd Prize
  • Building contractor: Lechner Immobilien Developement GmbH, 60438 Frankfurt und Bien-Ries AG, 63452 Hanau

The development of the front plots offers the unique opportunity to sustainably develop an urban entrance to the quarter 'west wing‘. From a topographical point of view the place is the highest point on the Riedberg. The view from here is vast, into the Taunus Mountains and the skyline of Frankfurt. These special views and the orientation towards the sun decisively determines the height and building position in the design. A new district square creates an entrance to the west wing. A semi-circle shaped, clearly defined urban space is created with almost downtown densification. It takes up the ray like green axes Römische Straße, Kätcheslachpark, Leberecht-Migge-Anlage and streetscape. It is to accommodate a cafe/restaurant and develop into a lively public space - individually furnished and playable. The three independent construction fields form an overall ensemble with contemporary lively architecture with a high recognition factor. As a respectively independent interpretation of the organic design idea and on the basis of the design specifications for the district. With maximum economic utilisation different living space is created on the plots, from tower blocks to maisonettes to senior residences. A residential high-rise building with 14 storeys as a widely visible, striking landmark emphasises this intersection.

Project manager: Jörn Tillmanns
Project leader: Stefanie Reitmeier
Team: Oliver Walkiewicz, Philipp Kunkel