Molenkopf South

Architecture, Residential Buildings, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2014
  • Wohnungsbau, 1st Prize

Competition residential housing, 1st place in Phase 2  

The planned residential housing at Molenkopf takes into account the special place at Mainz customs port due to its striking architecture. A spacious glazed building bridge represents the front of the building facing towards the harbour thoroughfare. The competition procedure went through two phases, whereby the form based on the master plan guidelines was intentionally developed further. Due to its structure the building generates a private inner courtyard, minimises the shade and at the same time enables the view from all apartments to the harbour and/or to the River Rhine. In its architecture and materiality, the building makes reference to the neighbouring historical wine storehouses. Through the organisational division of the structure, three independently functioning owned apartment communities (WEG) emerge that can each be marketed separately. Most apartments acquire an additional high quality through the enabled "living through concept". The floor plans are designed flexibly so that the apartments can be used either with open plan living and cooking areas or separate kitchens. The competition contribution was considered with one of two first places without asserting itself in the final decision.  

Project manager: Holger Grobe
Project leader: Dominik Schnabel
Team: Maren Höss, Oliver Walkiewicz, Philipp Kunkel, Steffen Schwanke