Customs Port Mainz - Rheinpromenade

Architecture, Office, Residential Buildings, Competitions,
  • Phases: 1 - 4
  • Planning time: 2013
  • Gross Floor Area: 23,596 m2
  • Gross Volume: 83,620 m3
  • Mehrfachbeauftragung, 1st Prize
  • Building contractor: LBBW Immobilien Development GmbH

1st prize from a multi-commission 

Situated at the interface of the southern pier and the Kulturspange, the Rhine Promenade acquires excellent urban significance in the new city quarter customs and inland port. The building is - due to the various usages of residential and commercial - divided into two clearly defined building parts so that the functions are also divided visually. The interface forms a two-storey passageway that combines the Kulturspange with the nearby banks of the River Rhine.  .  

The selected building typologies enable a direct orientation of all office and residential units towards the water in the case of optimum site utilisation. Due to the H-shaped layout of the office building each workplace has a direct view of the water within the individual units, either a view of the River Rhine or the harbour basin. At the same time a spacious harbour terrace is created on the harbour side that is available as an attractive leisure area. On the side of Taunusstraße a prestigious entrance is created under the protruding heads.

Due to the recessing of the ground floors behind the set-back line, the view of the wine storehouse is exposed here. The structure of the residential building enables each apartment a view of an attractive open space and optimum use of sunlight. The glazed loggias and roof studios that characterise the Kulturspange through their urban effect and create an analogy to the art hall stage this view as well. The arrangement of the open spaces of the southern apartments enables a diverse range of views over the Kulturspange to the harbour basin or over the green axis of Hafenstraße up to Feldbergplatz.

Projektmanagement: Holger Grobe (competition), Markus Gruber (realization)
Project leader: Ralf Mühlfeit (realization)
Team competition: Maren Höss, Oliver Walkiwicz, Dominik Schnabel
Team realization: Birgit Fremdt, Iwona Berezicki, Steffen Baumgärtner, Silvia Voß-Stolte