Innovation Centre Heraeus

Architecture, Office, Industry,
  • Phases: 1 - 9
  • Planning time: 2014 - 2016
  • Building contractor: Heraeus Site Operations GmbH & Co.KG


An innovation centre is being built on the works site of Heraeus Holding GmbH in Hanau. It is an image shaping, future-oriented and sustainable building design for Heraeus as well as having the aim of also promoting the identification of the staff with the company. The new building opens up towards the campus with an inviting and prestigious foyer, adjoining a spacious airspace suffused with light with vertikal development and open gallery areas. Sufficient space is created here for various types of communication and internal exchange. In order to arrange the various usages in a sensible manner, particularly from a functional point of view, the building structure is planned around this central zone in the form of a "cluster". It encompasses two other inner courtyards and enables diverse and differentiated views and lighting situations.

Project management: Jörg Krämer, Uwe Ritter
Project leader: Ralf Mühlfeit
Team: Anke Klauser, Anne Schultheis, Astrid Schmidt, Bianca Wöll, Dominik Schnabel, Gerd Meckel, Iwona Berezicki, Janine Acar, Jutta Mayer-Haber, Jörn Tillmanns, Orsolya Miklosi, Reiner Steinberger, Sanvila Samurovic, Silvia Voß-Stolte