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  • Planning time: 2022 - 2023
  • Realisierungswettbewerb,
  • Building contractor: PANDION Berlin II GmbH & Co. KG

The property is in an outstanding location in the popular Berlin district of Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg with a variety of bars, restaurants and stores in the immediate vicinity. This is where the established creative industry, culture and hustle and bustle meet in a special field of tension. This vibrant atmosphere and the central location make the new office building a perfect office location that combines the intersection of different ways of working with urban flair.

The new building continues the existing street line, but creates a special eye-catcher in the street space with an elegant façade, a transparent glass cuboid as a foyer and a green pocket park, which widens the narrow urban street line and invites people to arrive and linger. The façade is characterized by its homogeneous materiality, which creates exciting effects by means of suspended, vertical chrome slats with a change in their depth and spacing.

The floor plans are highly flexible and efficient, enabling a sustainable and contemporary utilization concept. Both conventional combined offices and open office landscapes - each combined with multifunctional common rooms - are possible within the column and façade grid. This great flexibility and the associated freedom of design can serve to build a company's brand and image.

The open space concept provides for several unsealed courtyards that are connected to each other by the foyer. They contain themed areas such as rock gardens, seating landscapes, reading corners, green walls, sculpture gardens and flower beds. Each area will have charging stations and excellent Wi-Fi reception to enable undisturbed mobile working. In addition, all rental units will have exclusive outdoor areas in the form of loggias and an additional large, communal roof terrace.

The use of recycled concrete is planned for the sustainable use of building materials. As far as possible, heat will be supplied from renewable energy sources. The roof is extensively greened and equipped with PV systems that generate electricity for user requirements, e-mobility and controlled ventilation of the offices. Ventilation is mechanical via the central zone and is equipped with a heat recovery system.

Comfort ventilation blades located in the façade ensure pleasant indoor air and high user quality. The offices are heated and cooled by 15 cm suspended ceiling sails in the office zones along the façade - with a clear room height of 3.00 m. The theme of sustainability is also reflected in the mobility concept: the use of bicycles is made attractive by the equivalent design of a bicycle ramp next to the car access road. There is also space for cargo bikes in the centrally located bicycle rooms.

Team: Jasmin Winter, Holger Grobe, Alina Schick, Mathias Pudelko, Aylin Güllüoglu, Anas Mali, Alina Wichlei, Philine Dankert, Carolin Crößmann, Leonie Friedrich