Mainz Heiligkreuz District – Construction Field 09

Architecture, Residential Buildings, Competitions,
  • Multiple assignment, 1st Prize
  • Building contractor: SBT IMMOBILIEN Gruppe, Saarbrücken

Located centrally in the new Mainz district of Heiligkreuz, the construction field 09 is windmill-like according to the zoning plan and borders on Ringstraße and two car-free, landscaped promenades. Correspondingly the new construction plan depicts a closed facade with loggias facing the street and transparent, land-scaped facades facing the courtyard and the promenade. The new buildings are distinguishable from the environment in terms of colour and are - as the project name “jade” reveals – kept in light green shades.

The apartments are organised in a very effective way and use the maximum building depth of the zoning plan to the full. This was how 106 residential units are able to be built. Extended staircases provide openings to the new buildings so that access from the street side and further access to the courtyard are made possible. The courtyards have been planned as common areas that are completed with a private roof garden for the household community. The remaining roof areas are used for photovoltaic systems.


Project management: Holger Grobe
Project leader: Alina Schick
Team: Nina Rettig, Aylin Güllüoglu, Nina Kryvenko, Alina Wichlei, Hannah Geskes