Vierzig 549

Urban Planning, Projects, Urban Planning, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2020 - 2021
  • Gross Floor Area: 34,700 m2

planquadrat has submitted a competition study for the 2.1 square hectare site for the competition procedure „Vierzig 549“ in Düsseldorf.

A mixed district with commercial and residential units, a car park and a central green corridor is to be developed on the basis of the existing zoning plan. The main objective is to create an innovative, sustainable, economic and green district. It features two central axes where a lively and urban neighbourhood square, flanked by a green high-rise building at the point of intersection. Evolving from here is a green, quiet zone and an urban area opposite. The green axis that cuts through the district is accompanied by a waterway that flows into an expanse of water in the urban square. At the northeastern end of the axis, a green and quiet space will be created opposite this square in the form of a city garden.

All four new building complexes are experienced as solitary structures but show a common design feature with the rounding of individual or several building corners. Furthermore, the solitary structures combine a high proportion of greenery on the facades and roof surfaces. On the two sides exposed to noise, glazed balcony zones and a noise-protection building with commercial units prevent the transmission of sound to the neighbouring buildings.

The site will have a single-storey, communal underground car park with over 300 parking spaces, which will be supplemented by a mezzanine floor with bicycle parking spaces and storage rooms. The design includes innovative climate, energy and transport concepts that enable a sustainable and vibrant neighbourhood.