WBW Mainz Heiligkreuz District

Projects, Architecture, Residential Buildings, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2021
  • Gross Floor Area: 21,326 m2
  • Realisierungswettbewerb,

The concept provides for a clear rhythmic building structure: the individual buildings become readable through the cubage, the materiality and the differentiated facade design. A common base, that sets itself apart through the structured brickwork of the facade of the upper storeys, forms the creative framework and creates a high-quality living environment and a high-quality location. The clear structure of the buildings can likewise be clearly read in the ground plans and is moreover underlined by the design of the open spaces that appear to flow under the building.  

The guiding principle of permeability gave the impetus for the development of the concept: like individual blocks the configured, smaller apartments alternating with the living spaces of the large residential units form an even structure. Towards the north and the east a spatial context comprising kitchens, bathrooms but also bedrooms and children's rooms create a readable backbone in the ground plan that is only interrupted by the staircases. The concept describes how the route from the outside, the open space, continues through the fugue-like staircases into the entrance areas of the apartments and from there with a direct view into the living spaces. From there, one's eye is caught by the planted loggias and balconies, creating a direct reference from the inside to the outside. The design of the open spaces as a kind of movement through the building block that flows around the middle designed with intensive greening and an infiltration area, underlines the concept: stemming from this centre the building entrances on the courtyard side are designed radially and divide the green areas into individual "slabs" that appear to flow under the building. The described route for the residents, the creative link between the open space forms and the dividing of the facades into open and closed areas is the interpretation of the concept "permeability".      

Project Management: Holger Grobe
Team: Hannah Geskes, Nicolás Vazquez