Plinganserstrasse Munich

Architecture, Conversion, Residential Buildings, Competitions
  • Phases: 1 - 5
  • Planning time: 2016 - 2017
  • Gross Floor Area: 37,331 m2
  • Realisierungswettbewerb, 1st Prize
  • Building contractor: Industria Wohnen


The new building concept creates a strong back with the striking urban structure facing the busy Plinganserstraße and forms a comb structure with protected inner courtyards by means of the existing bars. This gives the residents peaceful and defined areas to relax in green areas and enjoy a high quality of life. New buildings and existing buildings together form a new, urban district with its own character.  

The new structure along Plinganserstraße accommodates a daycare centre for children in the northern corner along with apartments. With its peaceful location at the newly created public path facing the district square, it acquires an appropriate level of prestige and child-friendly outdoor spaces towards the inner courtyard.  

The clear position on sealing off the traffic noise is reflected in the facade of the residential building on Plinganserstraße. With discreet materials and a pleasant rhythm, the design forms a clearly defined urban edge to the street and the green sports park in the east. Based on the landmark architecture of the listed existing building in the north, which forms the entrance to the district "Am Harras", the facade of the new building is kept unpretentious in its design of the punctuated facade and makes reference to the important urban edge of the residential area from the 1920s. Accesses on the ground floor and the recessed fifth upper storey divide the around 170 m long facade and emphasise the building and district accesses. A clear prestige value is created.       

Project Management: Markus Helfrich
Project Leader: Johannes Mende
Team: Luise Wallraf, Zahra Holderried, Bhasker Kumar, Ben Schirmer, Naghmeh Malek, Heidi Weimar, Vera Schäfer