Langen Liebigstrasse

Urban Planning, Projects, Architecture, Residential Buildings, Urban Planning, Development Plan,
  • Phases: 1 - 5
  • Planning time: 2016 - 2021
  • Gross Floor Area: 26,495 m2
  • Building contractor: Weisenburger Projekt GmbH

planquadrat developed the framework plan, the land-use plan and the architectural implementation for a residential district with a mix of various living forms on the site of the former railway sleepers plant.  

A closed block perimeter structure borders on the district to the west and creates highly effective noise protection for the entire district in the direction of the bordering, busy railway line. To the east the development opens up further with terraced houses and tower blocks, thereby creating a flowing transition to the bordering development. A spacious landscape park provides support by surrounding the amorphous tower blocks to the east and enabling a high degree of permeability. The central focal point is an introverted inner courtyard of high quality recreation spaces for the neighbourhood. Along with longitudinal and cross connections for all transport users, a diverse range of routes for cyclists and pedestrians enable various paths and short routes.  

Project Management: Claudia Becker, Jörn Tillmanns, Markus Helfrich
Project Leaders: Matthias Wöber, Asmir Arifovic-Topal
Team: Sabine T., Jana von M., Anne G., Omar Hindi, Tobias Kirstein, Silke Rode, Hazar Omar