WBW Reutlingen, Stuttgarter Strasse

High-Rise Buildings, Architecture, Competitions
  • Gross Floor Area: 762,780 m2
  • Vermarktungsbegleitende Leistung, 1. Preis
  • Building contractor: MODUS GmbH & Co. Objekt Reutlingen KG

Based on a previously developed urban development concept by the City of Reutlingen, providing for an agglomeration of typological high points spread throughout the city, the design was created along Stuttgarter Straße. An approx. 12,000 m² plot is to be used for a high-rise office building and additional residential constructions between two busy roads. The surrounding structures are very diverse and exhibit no typological unit. In the framework of developing the concept, this form of heterogeneity is taken up and an urban configuration formed that consciously sets itself apart from the environment. It enables a flexible development opportunity and promotes a future-oriented urban development. The planning area is divided up into three segments that appear as one unit. Through shifting the structures to the north and south, an interaction of open spaces is spread out.  


Project manager: Holger Grobe
Project leader:Oliver Walkiewicz
Team: Vicky Metzen, Johannes Treibert, Philipp Klinkler