Lyonerstrasse Greengate

Architecture, Residential Buildings,
Frankfurt am Main
  • Phases: 1 - 5
  • Planning time: 2016 - 2017
  • Building contractor: FGI, Luginsland 1, 60313 Frankfurt

Against the background of turning Niederrad from an office location into a mixed-use district, the quarter is to be developed into an independent and attractive residential quarter. On the basis of the successful competition contribution, planquadrat developed the building construction for this new quarter in close consultation with all involved parties. The building complex comprises an 8-storey terraced row with micro apartments as well as a C-shaped, likewise 8-storey terraced row that jointly encompass a green inner courtyard. 5-storey tower blocks in which condominiums are planned face the city forest. Other 8-storey tower blocks will be constructed along the new green areas in the east.
In spite of the very high degree of utilisation of the site, the many green areas create the greatest possible openness and spaciousness due to the penetrability to the park and the graduation of the storey heights.
The residential houses show a classic facade structure with two-storey clinker plinths, brightly plastered super storeys and colour coded loggias.  

Project manager: Jörn Tillmanns
Project leader: Stefanie Reitmeier
Team: Daniela Beck, Rim Majedi, Kira Kausche, Aemie Perera, Adi Zaher