Gatha Gram

Architecture, Urban Planning,

    Together with the FH Karlsruhe planquadrat is developing a new ecological city for an area mainly used up to now for agricultural purposes close the Pune, a city with close to 4 million inhabitants. The aim is to cover the additional requirements for living space for the rapidly growing agglomeration of Pune and the car industry situated nearby.   

    The plans provide for a green belt that links the surrounding temples, the green ford and the new city district with each other. It shows itself as a central parking space in the planning area and culminates in the flood area free of structures along the river. The planned building is at least 12-storeys with a 2-storey base for parking spaces and shop areas. The 4 to 6 lanes for the cars will be separated from the pedestrian and bicycle traffic. These will be on a higher level that is largely covered with a solar roof. Apart from living space there will be offices, schools and Kindergartens, a hospital, hotels, a shopping mall and other commercially used space.  

    Gatha Gram is being designed as a climate-neutral city for 30,000 – 40,000 inhabitants. It is appealing due to its sustainable building design and faces up to its responsibility towards nature and society.  


    Project manager: Matthias Wöber
    Team: Sabine Tastel, Maren Höss