High-Rise Buildings, Architecture, Hotel and Commerce, Competitions
  • Planning time: 2016 - 2017
  • Gross Floor Area: 22,614 m2
  • Wohnungsbau,
  • Building contractor: SWI Schimpel & Winter Hausbau GmbH

The new boarding house along Carl-Wery Straße in Munich creates a gateway in the direction of Munich's inner city. Two differently sized structures form an encompassing figure in the middle of which a joint arises. The joint initially forms the entrance to the boarding house and after that develops into a combining vertical airspace. Ultimately the joint ends as a transparent fitness room with a view over Munich up to the Church of Our Lady. With this it creates a visual connection between the hectic outside world and an inner haven of peace. The lobby on the 1st floor combines this inner and outer world.  
The entrances to the boarding house as well as all shops are located at road height in order to guarantee good addressability. The residents of the boarding house can while the time away on the terrace overlooking the square or protected with a view to the inner courtyard.  
Attention was paid to Feng Shui in terms of materiality, elements and stability of architecture as follows: a stable, protruding base made of shell limestone forms the foundation of the structure. Sitting enthroned above this is a playful, curtained metal facade with various facade elements, encompassing the boarding house as well as the parking level as one unit. Finally in the joint there is a high, airspace with a warm-looking, oscillating play of light. Moreover all corners are rounded off with a 15cm radius (not recognisable in the plans due to the too small scale).
The new "studiomuc" forms a sculptural signpost and orientation point in the neighbourhood by day with its concise architecture as well as by night with the illuminating joint.

Project manager: Holger Grobe
Project leader: Oliver Walkiewicz
Team: Vicky Metzen, Johannes Treibert, Philipp Klinkler