Hessen Metall

Architecture, Office, Industry, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2010
  • Gross Floor Area: 2,500 m2
  • Büro- und Verwaltungsbau, 1st Prize

Prestigious administration building for the office of the association Hessen Metall. Multiple commission 2007, chosen for the Day of Architeture Hesse 2012, 1st prize, Excellent Architecture Hesse: Joseph-Maria-Olbrich-Plaque 2013  

Haus der Wirtschaft on Rheinstraße in Darmstadt accommodates the office of the association "Hessen Metall“ with around 20 employees on the 1st floor and spacious conference areas for a diverse number of events on the ground floor. There is space for building services and 24 car park spaces on the lower ground. The prestige value is characterised by a natural stone wall and by the upper floor protruding far out over the main entrance. A combination of reinforced concrete, steel composite construction and steelwork was selected for the construction. The facades form a contrast between matt sandstone slabs and spacious glazing, on the 1st floor as a double facade with parallel hinged windows. The energy concept is based on the exclusive use of geothermal energy (9 geothermal probes á 120 m depth) for heating and cooling. 

Projekt management: Herbert Elfers, Uwe Ritter
Team: Gerd Meckel, Heidi Weimar, Katharina Rauh, Katerina Struhovska, Nils Forstreuter, Paul Hembus, Stefan Weitzel, Thomas Peschel