Pappelweg 2, 4, 6

Architecture, Conversion, Residential Buildings,
  • Phases: 1 - 5
  • Planning time: 2006
  • Gross Floor Area: 11,250 m2
  • Gross Volume: 31,500 m3
  • Building contractor: Wohnbau GmbH Bonn

Facade renovation of a 9-storey residential building with 45 residential units and constructing a new entrance building.  

The buildings Pappelweg 2, 4 and 6 are elements of an entire residential complex in the Bonn district of Heiderhof, that is characterised by spacious green areas and the old existing trees.   

The new facade design of the residential housing replaces the current dark washed concrete slabs. The facades are enhanced through the replacement of clay, glass and cement fibre slabs with bright, harmonious colour tones. The new highly-insulated building skeleton now corresponds to the current energy requirements. Orientation and proportion of the original slab formats were taken up again in the form of cassettes and in addition divided by two different surface structures. The entire pergola facade is now brought forward by about 50 cm in front of the existing concrete construction. This widens the room width of the pergolas leading to enhancement and improvement of use. The entrance has a sculptural form standing freely in front of the building, which does not follow the building structure but fits into the exterior space and becomes part of the area. The surface is covered with coloured stainless steel and in good light reflects the green area.     

Project manager: Uwe Ritter, Christiane Gruber, Robert Müller
Team: Florian Lutz