Harbour Quarter

Special Constructions, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2015
  • Gross Floor Area: 13,587 m2
  • Sonderbauten, 2nd Prize

Together with another office, planquadrat was requested to develop a concept for a high-rise building in the construction field E3. The residential high-rise building is located on the part construction field E3 at the north-east corner of a commercial complex. Planquadrat proposed a high-rise building for this location in Hamburg's Harbour quarter with a direct view over the River Elbe, Grasbrook Harbour and the city panorama of Hamburg, that equally satisfies the requirements of the entrance area for the retail space in the base and the high quality residential area. The planning pursues the aim of creating distinct architecture that satisfies the requirements of the location, generates maximum quality for the usages and at the same time fulfils the economic requirements. The high-rise building is given a creatively concise theme through the netlike outer membrane, that is continued optically up to the retail storeys. In the architectural language the high-rise building develops a facade image that functions in the ensemble but is simultaneously independent. The conceptual design of the floor plans were taken into account so that they can be flexibly designed as far as possible corresponding to the users' requirements.

Project manager: Holger Grobe
Team: Christina Kölling, Maren Höss