Quarter M

  • Gross Floor Area: 114,000 m2
  • Building contractor: Lorac Investment Management S.à.r.l

The guiding principle for the development of Quarter M is the campo - in the middle of the city as a centrally located square that can be used for a diverse number of purposes. Concentrated here for residential and cultural usages, catering and gastronomy as well as smaller retail units. It is located in the middle of Quarter M and characterises the new quarter with its intensity of experiences, urban quality, the high quality housing addresses and the cultural usages in the existing buildings on Erkrather Straße. Located to the side of the campo is the boulevard as a link and opportunity to cross to the bordering quarters and facilities. The objective of the design is to design strong, identifying outside spaces that offer the bordering usages a high recognition value and optimised immersion protection, thus contributing to a high quality prestige value. Three tower blocks structure and give rhythm to the "campo" - development and offer attractive apartments at the first address in the quarter. The existing buildings are a natural component of the development and can make a special contribution to the identity of the new quarter with its new design and usage. The campo as a public space becomes a prestigious stage for the citizens of the city.  

Project manager: Claudia Becker
Team: Laura Wehling, Nikola Mahal