State Garden Show Norderstedt

Urban Planning, Competitions,
  • Planning time: 2006
  • urban development framework plan, 2nd prize
  • Building contractor: Stadtpark Norderstedt GmbH

In December 2004 the city Norderstedt received funding for the implementation of the second state horticultural show in Schleswig-Holstein for the year 2011. In accordance with the motto, “One Step Ahead”, the city viewed this state horticultural show as a special opportunity to set the course for decisively influencing the the next phase of sustainable urban planning.

The successful implementation of the state horticultural show in this context is seen as the starting point and as the future engine of a sustainable, dynamic planning process, which particularly includes the development of currently very different open spaces in terms of landscape around Kiessee Lake into an attractive recreational area, particularly for the inhabitants of Norderstedt.

The competition area, with its around 105 hectares in the east of Norderstedt, is divided up into a total of nine part areas. (80 hectares of land and 25 hectares of water), that are to be designed and developed corresponding to defined functions and task profiles.

The implementation of the state horticultural show and the sustainable development of the nature and recreational area of the city park are not to be observed as competing plans but rather units building on each other. In this context a concept of the representation of the concept is expected that is coordinated in itself and with the place in terms of the overall space, that on the one hand creates an appropriate and sustainable landscape architectural quality and on the other hand shows room for growth that can be fulfilled in the framework of the state horticultural show Norderstedt 2011 in a contemporary and interesting manner.

 Project leader: Jörn Tillmanns