Aquarium Muscat

Architecture, Special Constructions, Competitions,
  • Phases: 1, 2
  • Planning time: 2002
  • special constructions, 1st Prize

The concept is based on the constant movement of the ocean. Different waves shape the building and lead through the museum like a fish swimming in water. Through openings in the different ceiling heights, daylight repeatedly enters, dances on the floor and makes each visit to the museum a special experience. The deeper you go into the building, the more intensive the blue tones become, dominating the inside of the museum. Different waves transport different contents. Besides the various exhibition areas there are some areas for science and research as well as a multitude of aquariums. At the end of a wave, the visitor is taken up by a new one and led onwards on a circular route.  

Project manager: Martin Geskes
Team: Christiane Peschek, Silke Unterburger