Having 30 year’s experience in architecture and planning, we work in an interdisciplinary fashion in

• Architecture
• Urban Planning
• BIM (Building Information Modeling)
• Competition Management
• Consulting
• New Work
• General Planning


We have directed our passion to built space and its quality for the past three decades. Our architecture is based on the professional understanding of innovation, technology, digitalisation and the economy. The topic of the sustainability of buildings is the driving force to ever new ideas and solutions for our clients. In this way our buildings provide answers to the questions of their time and are thought through from the urban integration right up to the details.

We plan custom-fit buildings for:

• New working worlds
• Office
• Living
• Hotel and Commerce
• Industry
• Education
• Logistics
• High-rise buildings

Urban Planning

The increasing urbanisation of our society, a change in life styles in connection with ecological and climatic challenges, are altering the demands on our cities. With an interdisciplinary team we develop resilient urban structures for a city of the future. Our planning thereby uses the latest technology to program urban spaces and architectures as well as to simulate the micro-climatic situations in order to create smart and livable urban spaces.

We design:

• Master plans
• Urban framework plans
• Zoning plans
• Urban feasibility studies

Naturally we involve citizens in the planning processes in diverse formats of involvement.


Comprehensive experience, best sector know-how and wide-ranging network form the basis of our competent and future-oriented consultation. Against the background of growing complexity, new tendencies and increasing responsibility for the future we find tailor-made and differentiated answers for our clients. Together with our clients we jointly design the change and create the greatest aesthetic, social, ecological and economical value.

We are at your side for:

• Site acquisitions
• Development and conversion areas
• Renovation and densification of residential districts
• Housing product placing in new districts or built strategic flanking of communication with politics, authorities and owners
• Consulation New Work
• User requirements determination and programming
• Site analyses
• Development and optimisation of project idea and utilisation concepts

Competition Management

We support municipal and private entities in the preparation, coordination and execution of competitions in accordance with RPW (Guidelines for Planning Competitions), VgV (Tender procedures for freelance services) and evaluation procedures. Our team is committed to a quality-oriented, fair and responsible award procedure.

We develop and attend to:

• Tenders
• Procedural assistance
• Preliminary examination
• Jury meetings
• Documentation

General Planning

A building project, many involved parties – we assume the responsibility. As a general planner we have the complete planning process under control and prove that excellent coordination and project management are worthwhile. In the interest of our clients we jointly guarantee along with our long-term planning partners a high level of design quality, sustainable planning principles as well as comprehensive specialist know-how.

Our planning partners are:

Structure planning:
• Ingenieurgemeinschaft Kehder Jakoby, Darmstadt;
• Stransky-Thiessen Ingenieure für Tragwerksplanung GmbH & Co. KG, Frankfurt am Main
• KREBS + KIEFER Ingenieure GmbH, Darmstadt

Fire protection:
• Büro Jürgen Romig, Darmstadt;
• Ingenieurbüro Wagner Zeitter GbR, Wiesbaden;
• Endreß Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH, Ludwigshafen am Rhein

Construction physics:
• GEA Gesellschaft für Energieeffizienz und Architektur mbH, Pobershau

Leisure facilities planning and Environmental planning:
• BIERBAUM.AICHELE. landschaftsarchitekten, Mainz

Technical building services:
• PGT Planungsgruppe Technische Gebäudeausrüstung, Schaafheim;
• tga5 GmbH, Ingenierbüro, Frankfurt am Main

Sound insulation:
• Kohnen Berater & Ingenieure GmbH & Co. KG, Freinsheim

Climate simulations:
• Kubski