Award-winning projects and successful competitions

It is not without pride we say: in 25 years of planquadrat we have received quite a number of awards for our work. We are pleased about each individual award and each one gives us incentive for our future activities.  


2022 „Am Tierbrunnen“, Darmstadt 1st prize
2022 Facade competition office building „The Grid“, Kassel 2nd prize
2021 Townhouses above the city „Weitblick II“, Würzburg Hubland 1st prize
2021 Schönhofviertel, Building sites A3 and H1, Frankfurt am Main 1st prize
2020 General planning Marienfelde, Berlin 3rd prize
PARK TRIO - Living at the Rebstockviertel, Frankfurt am Main 1st prize
2019 Schönhofviertel, Building sites E1 and E2, Frankfurt am Main 1st prize
Teichhaus Carrée, Darmstadt 1st prize
Marienplatz, Darmstadt Recommendation
Am Krifteler Wäldchen, Kriftel 1st prize
2018 Europe-wide competition for serial construction
(together with Lechner Immobilien Development)
1st prize
Villa Hornschuch - WISAG-Education center, Kulmbach 1st prize
2017 Pioneer-Barracks, Hanau 2nd prize
Hafencity Ankerplatz Baakenhafen, Hamburg 3rd prize
Living at Tulpenweg, Düsseldorf 1st prize
Stuttgarter Straße, Reutlingen 1st prize
An den Streuobstwiesen, Bad Nauheim 1st prize
2016 Auf der Haid, Freiburg 2nd prize
Siegfriedhöfe, Wiesbaden-Zweibörn 1st prize
Housing Development Rodelberg, Mainz 2nd prize
2015 Plinganser Straße, Munich 1st prize
Former Diamalt site, Munich 3rd prize
Hotel Postareal Südbaufeld, Mannheim 3rd prize
Hafencity, Überseequartier, Building site E3, Hamburg 2nd prize
2014 Zollhafen, Rheinpromenade, Mainz 1st prize
Kopf Ensemble Kätcheslachpark, Frankfurt Riedberg 3rd prize
Auf den Eichen - Gräselberger Gärten, Wiesbaden 3rd prize
Zollhafen, Molenspitze, Mainz 1st prize
Zollhafen, Rheinallee II, Mainz 1st prize
Eco-settlement Friedrichsdorf 2nd prize
2013 Hainweg, Wiesbaden 1st prize
In den Kirschhöfen, Mainz-Weisenau 2nd prize
Large housing estate Folsterhöhe, Saarbrücken
(co-operation with Krüger+Krüger)
3rd prize
Hafeninsel Mitte, Offenbach am Main 1st prize
2012 Siebengebirgsterrassen, Bonn 1st prize
2011 Belsenpark, Düsseldorf 1st prize
Raderberger Straße, Cologne 1st prize
Rheingau-Palais, Wiesbaden-Schierstein 1st prize
Merck Learning Centre, Darmstadt 1st prize
Merck Pharma-Campus, Darmstadt 1st prize
2010 Hochschule Ruhr West, Mülheim an der Ruhr 3rd prize
Frankenallee, Frankfurt am Main 1st prize
2009 Neu-Eben-Ezer, Lemgo 1st prize
2008 Vorgebirgshöfe, Cologne (later Vorgebirgsgärten) 1st prize
Gonsbach Crescent, Mainz 1st prize
2007 Haus der Wirtschaft, Darmstadt 1st prize
2006 City Park, Norderstedt 2nd prize


2013 BDA Architectural prize "Excellent Architecture in Hesse - Joseph Maria Olbrich Plakette“
Haus der Wirtschaft
LEED Gold Certification 2013 - Logistics centre Kühne+Nagel in Dubai
Logistics centre Kühne+Nagel
2007 Recognition foundation prize "Sensible parking in the city“
Parkhaus Bowling Green, Wiesbaden
2006 Recognition BDA Architecture prize Rhineland-Palatinate
Rheinufer Garage Mainz
2005 Award by ADAC "The user-friendly multi-storey car park“
Rheinufer Garage Mainz
2002 Award of the seal of approval by Greenpeace and IG-Bau "The plus for work and environment“
Garden settlement Mainz-Kostheim
2000 Recognition at "BDA promotional award young architects“ Hessen
1999 Recognition at "Leipzig Architecture Prize“
Award for the office at "Saxon State Construction Prize“
1998 Award for family-friendly building and living by the Ministry of Country Development, Living, Agriculture, Forestry and Nature Conservation
Wohnhof Mainz Kastell